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Gold and silver Wire Name Personalized Custom Jewelry

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    Personalized Name Bracelet


    It's a gift that will touch her heart- a 14K Gold-Filled Personalized Name Bracelet.

    Personalized Bracelet and Custom Jewelry to be Cherished for all Time

    Mothers Bracelets, Grandmothers Bracelets, Daughters Bracelets, Baby Bracelets and more! Show your love with a bracelet for mother and daughter and baby.

    Design a bracelet for your grandmother, sister or best friend. The nicest gift, to show you care, is a personalized gift! A bracelet for Mothers Day, Birthday, Christmas, Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary is the perfect gift to say I Love You.

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    personalized necklace Wire Bracelet, single name .... $54.95

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Bracelet Gold Silver Wire

    Bracelet Gold Wire

    Veronica Bracelet Gold Wire

    This unique Bracelet features a single large flat rectangle Black Onyx stone 1.5" x 1" (35 mm x 25 mm) that holds up to 3 letters/numbers. It is handmade of gold filled wire or non-tarnishing sterling silver (argentium) wire, the thick 18 gauge.

    About Onyx: Onyx is said to offer stability and balance to those who wear it, and these stone will harmonize any outfit.

    personalized necklace Wire Bracelet, single name/initials or numbers .... $54.95

    Bracelet Personalized wire anklet

    Anklet personalized wire bracelete in gold

    Personalized Name Bracelet with chain



    personalized necklace Bracelet with chain, Sterling Silver- Not Tarnish, single name .... $54.95
    Bracelet with chain, Gold Filled single name .... $54.95

    Choker and Braclet are made with the highest quality glass optic bead, which results in exceptionally vivid and luminous "eyes". The cat's-eye effect is a beautiful chatoyancy, a reflected line of light that stays perpendicular to the holes in the bead. You can choos blue torquoise or pink color.

    wire braclet and choker with cat eye bead
    wire braclet and choker with cat eye bead
    wire braclet and choker with cat eye bead

    personalized necklace Bracelet with cat's eye Bead, Sterling Silver- Not Tarnish .... $38.95
    Bracelet with Cat's Eye Bead, Gold Filled .... $45.95


    How to Measure the Bracelet Correct Size

    Is important to know your correct bracelet size before ordering. The following are suggestions to help determine your size. This works for most people however if you are still uncertain of your size we highly recommend you go to your nearest jewelry store as they have the proper tools for bracelet sizing and they'll usually do this for you for free.

    To determine your wrist size, measure your wrist with a string and then place on a ruler and measure, or use a flexible measuring tape. Once you have determined your actual wrist size add 1/2" for an average fit and 1" for a looser fit to determine you bracelet size. Bracelet adult sizes: The standard bracelet size is about 7 1/4 to 7 1/2 inches. Measure your wrist and the length to ensure proper fit. The bracelet shouldn't move too freely on your wrist. We measure the bracelet on our site from end to end, including the name and clasp.
    Bracelet Child sizes:The standard child size is 5.5". Please follow guidelines above.

    We offer all sizes bracelets from 4 inch x-small to 10 inch plus sizes in 1/2 inch increments. All sizes from Women's Petite to Women's Plus size.

    Our Bracelets are strung with high quality wire, chain and clasps of either gold or silver tone. You may also choose the larger sizes to wear as an Anklet!!


    What Customers Say About Wire Name Jewelry
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    Just wanted to let you know that the necklaces arrived today. Thank You so much. Hopefully you have received the check I sent. If not, I am sure it will be there any day.

    I may get more orders for you. One of the necklaces will be given as a gift to the instructor of our Clogging Team on Monday. When the other dancers see it, they may want to order one.

    I have been wearing mine. The one I ordered first. I constantly get comments about it. Everybody loves it.

    The third one is for my daughters Birthday this month. She saw mine and loved it. Thank You again.

    Carol Littrell


    My pin was a huge hit. Everyone loved it.

    My guess is that you will be getting more orders! Thanks for being so terrific about my last-minute order.

    -Patricia (Pat)

    Hi Mario

    Received my order today and absolutely delighted with it. It is for my friend's 50th birthday in May and I'm sure she will love it.

    Many thanks for your prompt attention.
    Regards and thanks
    Dawn Clarke

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