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Fine Personalized Handmade Wire Jewelry  

Name with Heart on the End
Name with Hanging Heart
Name with Circles
Name Pin
Initials Pin
Mother of Pearl Pendant
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NeckWire Necklace
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The Name custom hand made with one piece wire in sterling silver or gold filled -  HOME




Bicycle Made Only with One Piece of Wire

bicycle.jpg (15173 bytes)  Gym   Gym

Bicycle Made With

14k Gold Filled Round Wire -- $ 27.95  ORDER

Black Round Wire -- $ 26.95   ORDER




Sail  Pin

Gym    Gym

Weekenders Pin

ORDER  Gold Filled Pin  $27.95


Friendship  Pin

  158.25 Friendship Pin  - is the library number for friendship books - $20.95  ORDER

Elaborate Pin

Blue Dove Pin         Picasso - Dove of Peace          Blue Dove Pendant MOP 2"x2"    

Silver Pin - Blue Dove of Peace          Picasso - Dove of Peace               Pendant Mother of Pearl with Dove of Peace


Weekenders Pin    sax

Necklace and Pendant $12.00 or $10.00  ORDER in Gold Filled  or  in Sterling Silver

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