A link to wirename.com means we can be
'Link Partners'!

  • Our 'Link Partners' stay at the top of our Link Directory pages. Non 'Link Partners' move to the bottom. Easier for our visitors to find you if you are a 'Link Partner'.
  • 'Link Partners' get a 'Link Partner's' Star next to their description.  Easier for people to spot your link!
  • Our Link Partners have told us they are very happy with the number of hits they receive from the wirename.com Link Directory.
  • Reciprocal Links are important. Besides more visitors from the links, the Search Engines give more importance to web sites having lots of links to them. We will both benefit if we have links to each other's web sites.

Instructions for adding a Link and becoming a 'Link Partner'

  • Use the information on this page to add a link on your website which will link it to ours.
  • Email Me and I will add the 'Link Partners' Star and make you move to the top of our listings.

HTML Code you could install in your web page.

If You Copy and Paste this program code

<a href="http://wirename.com">wirename.com</a>Hand Crafted Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

It will give you this link.

Hand Crafted Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

This HTML code in your web page will result in the following banner:
468 pixels wide X 60 pixels high.
Please copy and upload the image to you own site and modify the html code by substituting your site address and directory.

<a href="http://wirename.com"><img src="http://YOUR SITE/YOUR DIRECTORY/cambana.gif"WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="2" ALT="FREE NAME"></a>


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