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Gold Filled Wire Used to Create Wire Name Jewelry

What is Gold Filled Wire?

Gold filled refers to the process in which gold is mechanically bonded under heat and pressure to one or more layers of karat surfaces of supporting base metal, then rolled or drawn to a given thickness. The quantity of gold must be at least 1/20th by weight of the total product. Since the gold is on the outer surface, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between solid gold and gold filled, except when it comes to the cost.

Electroplating or gold plated is NOT a part of this process. I am so confident in my jewelry and my craftsmanship that my wire jewelry created out of my quality 14 k gold-filled, or sterling silver, is guaranteed for the life of the owner; with the sole exception of abuse. You will find a number of different styles that are designed without the use of glue or solder.

Why Use 14K 1/20 Gold Filled Jewelry Wire?

I have used many different types of wires throughout the years, and I have found that the characteristics of gold filled wire are wonderful for making luxurious creations that can last a lifetime. I buy my wire made to my specifications and I use only the best quality 14 k 1/20 gold-filled jewelry wire and sterling silver wire because of their beauty and durability. I use a harder wire than the average wire artist, to give an added strength.

ArgentiumŪ Sterling Silver wire

ArgentiumŪ is a new type of silver on the market.
Unlike regular sterling, this silver will not tarnish.
Tarnish Resistant - Keeps its shine without the need of polishing or harsh chemicals. It requires nothing more than a light dusting.
Argentium is also 92.5% silver but instead of copper, there is the element germanium which does not tarnish thereby creating a virtually tarnish free silver! The copper component in sterling silver causes the tarnishing effect.

What makes ArgentiumŪ Sterling Silver special?

This photo shows a microscopic cross-section of regular sterling silver that has been annealed in a kiln at 1076°F (580°C) for one hour. In this sample, fire scale (cuprous oxide) penetrated 20-26 microns. There is also a surface layer of black cupric oxide.   The ArgentiumŪ Sterling Silver sample was exposed to the same heat and temperature. The cross-section shows that there is no firescale, only a cupric oxide (black) layer on the surface, 1-2 microns in depth, which can therefore be removed by pickling.


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